About Us

Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary offers the finest possible education to pagans of all belief systems. It is dedicated serving those who seek to learn the Craft of the Wise, and minister in the ways of the Old Gods. At Woolston-Steen, we are devoted to bringing you traditional, formal magical training, blended with modern day concepts that support a practitioner ministering in today’s multi-cultural world.

Woolston-Steen is a state recognized Wiccan College, and was also the first to gain such recognition. The State of Washington’s Higher Education Coordinating Board has granted us the ability to grant degrees and certifications in Wicca Theology.

We our proud to say that it is the quality of our curriculum that leads the way in bringing you the best possible Wiccan Clerical training available. WSTS uses every resource at our disposal to promote well educated Wiccan clergy. Including bringing the University right to you. In the past we have been scattered far, and wide; serving in small circles. But today, due to the use and popularity of Paganism in media, and pop culture, our numbers are strong, and are growing faster than we can provide services for. So join us in leading the way; ministering to a new and growing pagan population.

You may be familiar with traditional secular liberal arts colleges and how they work. Religious schools are under different governing rules in most states, UNLESS they also offer liberal arts degrees. The way they are qualified is different and may be unfamiliar to you. If you visit the WHECB webpage (http://www.hecb.wa.gov/), you will see that there are many other religious seminaries in our category.

Being a legal degree granting institution is not the same as accreditation. Accreditation is done by a separate non-profit organization made up of many legal degree granting institutions.

At this time Wicca does not have enough legal degree granting institutions to create an accrediting board. We hope that this will change in the future as more groups create Wiccan Institutions of Higher Education.

We also offer an Initiatory Path that coincides with the Scholastic Degree Path. You may wish to dedicate to one of our priests/priestesses here at the school and pursue your more traditional Coven Style system of training. This is a more intense training and much more personal than the Scholastic Degree system.

Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.