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  • Learn to be a Priest or Priestess of the Goddess

    A Priestess preparing the Seminary Temple in Atlanta, GA

  • Welcome To Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

    Come take part in the premier distance learning program for wiccans looking to achieve professional training in the areas of ministry and chaplaincy.

  • Gather with Faculty and Fellow students at Festivals from coast to coast.

    Seminary Students gather in Tennesse for local pagan festival.

  • A Sacred Space

    Our virtual campus is permeated with a sacredness and splendor that has to be experienced to be believed.

  • Be Part of a Magical Community

    The friends you will make at Woolston-Steen will form a supportive community that you will learn and share and grow with. Come and magic magic together!

Professional training in Wiccan Chaplaincy and Ministry

WSTS offers state certified associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in Wiccan Ministry and Chaplaincy. With a degree from Woolston-Steen, you can feel confident going on to find employment offering spiritual support in Prison, End-of-Life-Care, Peacemaking, Youth, Women’s and Environmental Ministry. The training is open to those who wish to be intiated as Wiccan Priests and Priestesses, Lay Chaplains, and also those who wish to deepen their understanding of service from the Wiccan perspective.

Initiation for Priests and Priestesses

We offer an Initiatory Path that coincides with the Scholastic Degree path. You may wish to dedicate to one of our priests/priestesses here at the school and pursue a more traditional Coven Style system of training. This training and much more personal and intense than the Scholastic Degree system. It includes a great deal of one to one interaction with your teachers, and individualized practices designed for your personal spiritual growth.

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$39 per month
Fire Membership Income between 30k & 60k
$49 per month
Water Membership Income between 60k & 90k
$59 per month
Air Membership
Income between 90k & 150k
$69 per month
Spirit Membership Income over 150k per year
$79 per month Includes ATC Membership

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